J. Jesse Benavides, O.D.
Therapeutic Optometry
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Eye Health Examination
Comprehensive examination of the eye for
Glaucoma Cataract  Macular Degeneration  Diabetes  Hypertension  Pterygium  Allergy
Dry Eye  and many other conditons.

Therapeutic Optometry
Examination and treatment of eye disease
Contact Lens Service

Vision Exam
Comprehensive evaluation of the visual system for conditions such as
Myopia  (nearsighted)      Hyperopia  (farsighted)       Astigmatism      Presbyopia  (reduced near focus after age 40)        Strabismus  (crossed eyes)      Binocular Vision (Depth Perception)    Accomodative Insufficiency (near focus problem)      Computer  eye fatigue     Industrial Vision needs.

Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting
Soft contact lenses for nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism and presbyopia (bifocal) patients.
Daily, Bi-weekly or monthly wear.
Rigid gas permeable contact lenses in single vision or multifocal design.